104 Days

104 days.  What is this you ask? It is the time I was without a washer and dryer.  It might not sound like much, especially for two people who don’t amass dirty clothes like the Duggar family (19 Kids and Counting), but I’ll tell you… I’m so excited to have our new w/d today! The first load is purring and sud-sing this very moment! Ahh…

Let’s take a little trip back down memory lane.

The far corner of the (laundry/pantry) room had brand new linoleum rolled over a completely rotten subfloor. Nice touch unnamed financial institution who owned the house.

Underneath that, the floor joists were rotten and sitting in dirt.

The “supporting” walls of the house were splintered, rotten fragments that would have had more purpose as kindling for s’mores than holding up the side of our house.

laundry 1 laundry 2laundry 3

Next up… a handful of shelves along the wall for our pantry items and the room will be complete!


p.s. 752. That’s how many quarters I went through at the laundromat.


3 thoughts on “104 Days

  1. Love. Love. and LOVE. Thanks for the tour. It definitely looks way more awesome with a washer and dryer! And your bathroom. Oh heavenly love of your bathroom. And the deer head. Well, more antlers than deer head. Well, it’s perfect. And, well, that closet. PLEASE. YES PLEASE. It all just looks amazing and cozy and perfect!

  2. Bet you won’t miss being ‘queen of the laundromat’. Looking good!!
    Dreading my visit our laundromat to wash a large bed comfortor..ugh! Enjoying all the updates..

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