Some gardening…

I’m chipping away at some of the gardening – finally! Yesterday I (semi) completed the front walkway area, the patio planters and some other little things here and there.

Here’s the front; before, during and after.

front plants


We inherited a messy mish-mash of acacia volunteers that were tossed and calla lilies that had no business being in full sun, so I transplanted them in the back.

I was initially very excited to begin planting this section, but quickly found even this small area daunting. So, I slowly chipped away at it by first purchasing the big evergreen bushes as the anchor. Once those were planted, I could envision the rest and finished off the bulk of it yesterday.  It’s a very pretty mix of green and white flowering plants with one big special pink plant at the end. Just out of the photo is still an empty area on the end where I plan to plant a tree. I struggled with what kind but we finally decided on some sort of fruit! A little unconventional for this location but I think it will be fun. I’ll keep adding plants as I see fit, especially bulbs for some spring surprises next year.


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