Chairs, soil, plants and paint

Another busy day today! Mike’s been working hard on the closets and I’ll have some update photos soon. And while he was occupied with that big task, I zipped around and made some purchases.

Soil and flowering plants for the patio pots.

Big evergreen shrubs for the front and side of the house.

White exterior paint! Please don’t laugh, but we don’t have the time or energy right now to paint the whole house so we’re just painting the back so when we’re enjoying a nice shady rest and a cold beer, we can smile and pretend. I’ll share photos just as soon as I have it done.

And lastly, I was just heading back home from my travels and passed these two cute little chairs in front of an antique/thrifty kind of shop. I said to myself, “ah they’re probably expensive”, but convinced myself to turn around and take a look. To my great surprise they were $22 each and in fairly sturdy shape. Sold! Our current antique dining table now seats six!

photo20 photo21


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