Closet [part one]

To live out of boxes the first month is kind of cute. Projects are happening, energy is high and it’s all progress. After two months of boxes… not so cute anymore.

So today, this very minute actually, our big master closet is beginning to take shape! These boards will turn into…

closet 3

…. This beautiful closet/cabinets. (see the inspiration pic on the left)

closet before 2

We both have closet design backgrounds. Mike began his first closet company near the age of 19 and has been highly skilled in design and construction ever since. I spent a couple years of my life as a designer for California Closets and absolutely loved the design part!! The driving and the occasional difficult client… not so much. So my point is that we both love organization and give extra attention to our clothes and shoes, so this current situation has tested our nerves just a wee-bit.

closet before 1

* Did you spy our sweet linoleum on the garage floor? Yea, we’re fancy like that here on the west side of town.


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