Maybe. Just maybe…

I have been promising an open house for all of you curious peepers for quite awhile. I’ve been quietly mentioning April 7 to a few of you who have asked directly but… I lied. Well, it was not a lie because it was tentatively said with good intentions, but we really want more accomplished before we swing open our doors to everyone, plus it’s supposed to rain this weekend and I want a sunny party.

So… I have been secretly holding a new date. Do I dare say it? I’ll share it if you promise not to hold me to it. It’s just a goal. A hope. A fingers-crossed maybe.

Sunday, May 5. Cinco de Mayo for us Gringos.

The house will be no where near completed. We’ll cringe and explain and stammer when we show you around. You must wear your vision goggles and have faith. It’s a bit raw for us to be living in such a project; like a sore, slightly uncomfortable sunburn to bare to you. Please see the progress and know that more is to come in the next 6-12 months.

So pencil in the date and we’ll see…


p.s. If you can’t make that date or just want to stop by for some tea or a cold beer, just text either of us. We’re happy to open the door for spontaneous visitors.


3 thoughts on “Maybe. Just maybe…

  1. All the sisters said your house was so charming, I can’t make it to open house but I hope you keep me posted.

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