Many of you have commented about my silence and I sure appreciate the love and loyal following! We are budgeting each and every project so we’ve had a little lull in activity. Plus we’ve enjoyed a little break. But we have some good stuff coming up and we’ll be pulling on our grubby clothes and doing another push soon.  On the docket in the next few weeks…

  • Installing a washer and dryer and hopefully completing the laundry room walls before.
  • Begin installation of the bedroom closet. Yay!!
  • Possibly our new handmade dining table.
  • Installing our bedroom ceiling fan and front porch light.
  • And hopefully some plants in the front and back.

There are a lot of maybes, so if it’s not all done this month, it will happen in the following. In the meantime, we’ve been doing little tasks around the house.

Mike planted his beer hops rhizome which is sprouting! The very fast growing vine is quite beautiful and will quickly climb up our spiral trellis near the front door. I took before photos which I’ll share with you once I have some good after photos too. It will look like this:


Mike also planted two large trees at the top of our driveway, so if you drive by and notice something slightly different; that’s it. When we purchased the property, there were a few potted trees tucked on the side of the house and hidden in the weeds. The previous owner had good intentions to plant the trees but never did and they sat for several years. Their roots seeking out a home through the bottom of the black plastic container and rooting deeply into the ground.  With a little care and some luck we hope these trees will survive the “transplant” and thrive. They are a very big welcome to our blank slate. (I attempted a photo just now but it’s raining and the pic looked terrible. I’ll give it another go soon when they leaf out completely and there’s sunshine.)


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