Some Fool on the Titanic

The maiden voyage of the Titanic was of course an utter disaster and sad tragedy, however I can’t stop imagining that there was probably some fool trying to order a plate of caviar and cheese while mayhem was escalating. The fool, wearing a mask of complete denial.

Yea, that’s me.

We’ve accomplished, tackled and purchased a great amount in the 4+ weeks we’ve been in the house, but our list is still very long. We need to purchase driveway trees, a washer/dryer, plants for the front entry, plants for the patio, actually plants for everywhere, a new furnace/ac unit, roof, exterior paint, revamp the guest cottage… I think I’ve made my point.  So with this giant and daunting list, somewhere along the way I thought it was an absolute necessity to have this faux plaster deer head for the bathroom.

Like I said. Mask of denial.


p.s. As I unpacked it tonight, Mike asked if I was going to give it a name. I said it’s already named Denial the Deer.  He paused with instant regret and that tell-tale look I know so well; the look of “I wish I could retract that question because I don’t want to know now.”  I said, there’s a blog post coming out in a few minutes that will explain it all.


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