It was uneventful. Mostly…

The dumpster is full and the garage is empty!


The dumpster is not listing. Just the camera tilted.

Mike and I loaded the dumpster today and I’m happy to report that we didn’t see any (r.a.t.s. – I can’t actually say the word just in case Susan is reading this) and we got through it injury free (there were hundreds of nails involved).

As we were winding down, I was sweeping up a little pile of debris in the shed and something small that had caught my eye earlier was there again in the pile. As I leaned down to get a closer look, it scampered out of the pile. This is the part where it gets gross and also the part that Mike might refute but this is how it happened. I screamed with alarm and then started screaming again and again repeating over and over, “It’s a scorpion, it’s a scorpion, oh my God it’s a scorpion!!!” I instantly started making attempts at bashing it with my metal dust pan, while screaming. One big whack and I got it! Almost. I only chopped off its head and pincers. Oh my heaven it was awful! The scorpion continued to make disoriented scampering loops, like I can only imagine a headless chicken would make.

As it looped, I turned back to Mike, (who was calmly dismantling an old cabinet and I will give him credit that he was dealing with his own little bit of hell with an old rats nest) and gave him that look of, “I could use a little something over here. Didn’t you hear me scream that it’s a scorpion!?”  Some reinforcement, you know? Perhaps a cool saunter and a “Step aside little lady, I’ll get that for you”.  Or at the very least, “Oh that looked awful, good thing you’re so quick on your feet with that dustpan.” Instead he gave me a shrug and kept at his task. I gave the unwelcomed guest one last smack and it was dead. I turned back to Mike and said, “Really?! That was traumatic, can I at least get a little something!?” He pointed out that I stay up late watching zombie movies and killing one little bug couldn’t be anywhere as awful as my shows. Humph.


3 thoughts on “It was uneventful. Mostly…

  1. i just HAD to read this didn’t i?!?!
    scorpion? ok…a little scary. but what about the “you know what” nest!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEKK!

  2. Looks like that dumpster wasn’t too big after all! No telling how many of those little guys went in the dumpster unnoticed…yukie!!!

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