Progress every day!

We are just a few days shy of our one month anniversary here at the Highway House and things are coming along! Never as fast as we want, but we still step back every now and then and admire how far we’ve come in just a few short weeks. Mike was recently asked how things are progressing and I liked his answer… “Every day we check something off our list.” Yep.

Here are just a few projects that have come together lately. Exciting, but still not quite finished. We’ll get there.

1) We now have a bathroom door to accompany our new toilet and I no longer have to shout “I’m peeing” when I hear Mike walking towards the open room.


2) I borrowed my dad’s truck a couple weeks ago and happily took a load of trash to the dump and returned from the local landscaping yard with a load of dirt that I spread in between the back patio pavers. I first pulled the weeds which only took about an hour, and then I did 4 shovel scoops of dirt into a bucket and spread the dirt and then compacted with water. The dirt ended up costing me about $7 total and the whole project was pretty easy. The dirt makes a big difference in the patio’s appearance and helps greatly to level out the unevenness.  Next up, hopefully this weekend, will be ground cover in-between the pavers. Note: the paver photo is before I pulled the weeds. I’ll share a pic of after once the ground cover goes in.patio

3) We no longer have rickety, ankle-twisting chunks of stacked concrete as our back step. We are getting fancy now with actual concrete steps!

4) And one of the most exciting additions is our custom trellis that my day lovingly made as a gift to us!  It’s massive and he said it took over 800 welds to complete, and it’s going to do an amazing job in camouflaging all of those ridiculous electrical panels on the side of the house. Mike and I picked up a couple vines yesterday and plan to add some hop vines to it as well soon. If you see me outside at night with a flashlight, it’s me singing and talking to the vines so they’ll grow even faster. Grow baby grow!

step trellis


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