And then I almost caught the house on fire.

Our house needs love. Lots of love, including the outdated and jenky wiring in some places.

So to keep this story short, I was blow drying my hair this morning out in the guest room. As I was happily celebrating the fact that I could actually shower at my own home and that my hair was finally clean again after 3 days I casually glanced at the opposing outlet as my dryer ran and I saw smoke. Fun!  Dryer off and unplugged – check. A couple of “oh shit scuffles of my feet” trying to figure out what to do next and yea. I needed Wikipedia or Google really fast to tell me what to do and I needed a fire extinguisher. Damnit!! Why didn’t I buy one last week like I promised myself!?

I waited about 45 seconds to make sure I didn’t actually see flames, and then dashed into the house (yes I was in the guest room which now means no one will ever want to stay with us), grabbed a wet towel, my sack of flour from the freezer (good for weevil management) and ran back in and waited with my hand clutching my phone ready to dial 911.

a) If you don’t have a fire extinguisher, then get one. Like today.

b) I later learned that flour can be combustible. Great! They recommend baking powder. Yea, I’ll be right there with my miniscule box to… Pooof… toss a little on that fire.

c) Have you purchased your extinguisher yet?

d) Nothing ever caught and all is good now. Just don’t use the outlet next to the extinguisher.


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