Keeping it real.

Our bathroom is coming together, and today I splurged on very pretty wrapping paper sheets that will become the drawer liners in the vanity! I’m about to get working on that tonight and when I’m done, I plan to share pretty update photos of the bathroom so you can see the progress. But as I was thinking about sharing the pretty, I thought it would be wise to keep it real so you don’t think it’s all peaches and cream over here. It’s not.

My photographer friend Jessamyn stopped by the other day for a quick visit and she remarked on how relieved she was to see me in comfy clothes rather than my put together persona she sees at meetings and events.  I laughed when she mentioned that, but it really got me thinking. I replied that I have 2 looks… and so does our house. Pretty and put together and weary in shambles.  Yes, Mike and I work quickly and yes we tackle projects ambitiously, but the house has so much more so don’t think we’ve conquered the world in 17 days.

We still have boxes and boxes, a laundry room that holds ladders and still no actual laundry appliances, desperately chipping paint on the exterior, weeds, dust, overflowing garbage cans, I now have a cold and did I mention dust?


At the very least, I’m thinking of having a weed pulling/paint party this weekend?  Pulling weeds in the front of the house and just painting the back of the house so we can lounge on the patio and just pretend. You up for the challenge? I’ll take any willing volunteers.


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