The first pee!

The Clouse House has a toilet!


We’ve been waiting for a toilet in the house for weeks and it’s very exciting! Despite this major missing in-house necessity, using the guest house toilet out back has actually not been bad at all. The only real drag has been if it’s raining, but luckily we’ve had a mild 30 days and at night with the flashlight is not particularly fun but not terrible.

So when I would mention that we were about to purchase a toilet, a funny phenomenon happened every time. Everyone (Mike noted that it was only women that really cared) had an opinion with actual requests and I’m happy to say that it meets the requirements for all of our guests. Tall, not loud, no fancy buttons, no scary bidet and so on. The only thing it’s still missing is the door to the bathroom. So…. privacy is a bit lacking for the moment but Mike is working on that just as soon as he can.

Oh yea, I had the honor of the first pee.


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