Before + After | Bathroom

I know I’ve been promising you before and after photos, but I’ve been stalling because nothing is completely “after” yet. But I know you just want to see progress, so here’s a good one!

The bathroom is the smallest room in the house and has been the biggest project by far. We’re getting weary, but luckily it’s nearing completion.

The bathroom’s condition was deplorable. The sub floor was completely rotten and the tub was actually sitting on the dirt. The backside of the tub WAS part of the outside siding. Oh and speaking of siding, there was none on that side of the house. Oh yea and the framed wall was rotten too. We still don’t know how the house did not collapse. I suspect the paint held it together.

Here is Mike looking at the wall and saying some choice words followed up with absolute bewilderment.


Here it is all put back together, and yay the tub is not on the ground anymore! It was a big undertaking.


The pretty parts are finally starting to come together. This week, our tile was completed and we’re working on the finishing trim and paint. Once that is done, the toilet and vanity can be set!!


This weekend, Mike has been working on the wall opposite the tub which is the vanity/mirror wall.  He did some very nice paneling instead of sheetrock and we’re very excited for its modern aesthetic. The mirror will be a custom size with it inset flush into the paneling. Before the mirror is set, I took the opportunity to write a little something. So every time you look into the mirror, just know that it’s looking back at you and telling you that… “You look marvelous.”



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