My List

Last month I chatted about lists. (You can read it HERE if you missed it.) I was trying to find my list for that particular post but it mysteriously and temporarily disappeared, but I’m happy to say that I rediscovered it. I cannot stress enough on how making a list of goals, dreams, plans, etc really helped me take one step closer to accomplishing my hopes.  Here is my list I made sometime in 2012 – I think in the summer.

my list

Mike and I sat down and gave priority to about 6 things that we had to have in our lives. I made note of them. These were mine. The items on my list are exactly what we now have, sans pool, but I have not given up on that dream. We have the space and are still working out the logistics. Here is what has happened to date… I wanted either a more urban home or sprawling land. We kind of have both. Time together on this project. My new office is a dream! We have a detached guest cottage that includes a bathroom. Our patio is so pretty and perfectly shady for warm summer days.

What will be on your list?


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