Before + After | Nightstand

Months ago I was zipping through Glen Ellen on my way to meet up with wedding planners Melanie and Susan and I slowly cruised by a yard sale on my way.  I craned my neck and thought, nah, don’t bother. But as all of us gals loaded in my car, I casually mentioned it and enticed them with “It’s on our way out” and it was an unanimous vote that we had time to make a quick stop. We all found some treasures, including this precious little wood nightstand for $5. Sold!

I just completed its transformation from very bold green to a moody grey. The new knob is difficult to see in this photo but it’s an antique brass style with a baby blue knob. Anthropologie of course.


Before you gush too much… the finished piece is still a bit rough. Yes, it looks 100% better than it did before, but what I’m not showing you is all of the time I spent trying to chemically remove the green paint for a smooth starting point. It didn’t work. Correction: it was working but not fastest enough for my impatience so I gave up. And while doing so, I learned quickly how shabby-chic came about. I suspect it went just like my process… half way through stripping and scraping and sanding, someone decided it was a drag and called it good. I only took it one step further by painting over the half green, half white, half natural wood and called it done.

It will likely live in the guest cottage and I hope our guests enjoy it.


One thought on “Before + After | Nightstand

  1. It looks really good, you have a lot of patience. I wish I was not so far away. You are going to have that house so cute and cozy.

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