Time Capsule

My time capsule is all put together and ready to be covered up in the walls!  It includes:

  • Misc photos of us and family with full names, dates and locations mentioned.
  • A local newspaper and national newspaper.
  • A real estate and bridal magazine.
  • And then I included a few pages from my blog that tell our story.



2 thoughts on “Time Capsule

  1. We did a major renovation to our bathroom 2 years ago. We switched where the tub and the sink were (but neither could be plumbed where the old lines and drains were, so most of the plumbing had to be moved from one spot to another), built two new walls so the tub would fit in a slightly-too-large space, etc. I suspect most of the structural work will never be undone, but I put a time capsule in those walls anyway, just in case.

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