The Paneled Walls & Ceiling

I’ll take paneling over sheetrock just about any day.  I love it! So when I stepped into the house for the first time and saw all of the paneled walls, I instantly fell in love and knew right away that they would be white. But it took some steps to get them looking as nice as they do now…

It took about 10 hours, 10 tubes of caulking and 10 tired fingers to get it completed. It was tedious but actually kind of calming and easy. I wasn’t convinced in the beginning that it really needed it, but thanks to Mike’s nudge it got done and it made a world of difference!! You can see the before and after in the photo on the right as I worked my way up the vaulted ceiling.



One thought on “The Paneled Walls & Ceiling

  1. That project was the icing on the cupcake! Hard work always pays off in the end. Hope you treated yourself to a hand massage for those tired fingers…

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