Friday Move + Art

It’s official! We are in our home. We really hustled these last few days and it was an exhausting whirlwind, but I’m happy to say we’ve arrived on the other side…

Our schedule was very purposeful:

  • Wednesday – I packed up old house while stained floors finished drying at new house.
  • Thursday – Finished (most) of the necessary interior painting at new house (thank you Saundra!)
  • Friday – Start at 6am moving. Zonked by 7pm. 90% done.
  • Saturday – Start at 7am to finish moving, 8am-11am clean old house (thank you Hayley!), 11am walk-thru, Noon left house for last time.
  • Sunday – We had all day to unpack, organize and tackle lots of little projects like placing our furniture and hanging our art. It’s really starting to feel great!

hanging art

I’ll be taking photos later in the week and start to share before and afters. The contrast is pretty amazing!


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