Goodbye 427.

The Napa Street house is empty and we have said our goodbyes.

7.5 years ago we drove by the house and saw the “for rent” sign and stopped and walked in the front door. The owners were showing it to another couple and I decided right then and there that I wanted it and we pretty much snowballed the couple right on out of there. I still don’t remember who it was, but I am sorry. Mike and I call it “elbows out”. It’s when you take charge and claim your surrounding space. They didn’t have a chance.

So many good times…

  • The stealthy friends who dropped off goodies on the front porch.
  • Taking a couple steps across the lawn over to Richard and Brian’s pool.
  • Mike’s famous macaroni & cheese birthday dinners!
  • Falling asleep in front of the fireplace.
  • Front porch Friday!
  • Walking to the Plaza.
  • Post-it note love wars.
  • Our wonderful neighbors.
  • Fake tattoos.
  • Driving tests.
  • Guitar Hero.

And the other times… which make us appreciate the good even more…

  • The great flood.
  • Stroking Kirby’s head for two days straight. Crying and saying goodbye.
  • Cursing the front lawn gophers and Gary actually seeing one run across the road!
  • Standing in the bathroom and telling Mike that the doctor called and that I had cancer.
  • Laughing hysterically over an actually terrible rat/attic incident.
  • And the Christmas tree branch that everyone hated.


A house always feels like home but it’s amazing each and every time, that once the framed photos and the furniture and all of the personal belongings are gone, it’s just a shell. It was a good home, but I’m excited for the new possibilities.


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