Probably NOT Project Runway

It’s very unlikely that you’ll see me on next season’s Project Runway, and even more unlikely that I’ll be invited for a guest segment on Martha Stewart – unless she does a segment on how NOT to sew.

See, it all started with that darn Smith + Noble curtain catalog. I’ve been waiting for years to order from it; eyeing all of the pretty swatches, dreaming of what color palette I’d choose for each room. So just as soon as our offer was accepted, I began measuring every window and dreaming of my new roman shades. Yea…

I entered the bedroom dimension on the online site, chose my fabric and it had to be an error right!? $750 for one simple roman shade on just a regular ‘ol sized window!? Sigh. Plan B. I went to another site and chose a fabric that was nice enough but not absolutely dreamy like the one before. I got the price down closer to $350. Bleh. Not so bad but when you have a whole house full of windows, it adds up fast.

So with the helpful recommendation of my friend Kristin, I embarked on Plan C. Make my own cafe curtains. They’re simple and they don’t glide up and down, but I went from $750 to a grand total of $20 for this window treatment; sale fabric and rod.  Of course the steep discount came at a price.  I spent about 15 minutes trying to thread my needle with dim light and 42 year old eyes, was unsuccessful in making my bobbin so I had to use different thread that sort of matched and then I carefully pinned the entire thing only to realize I did it wrong side out. Redo. By the end, I was dreaming of putting $750 on a credit card.  But it’s done, it works, and I’m happy with it.



2 thoughts on “Probably NOT Project Runway

  1. Yes, it is evil how those window shades look so pretty and then are so insanely expensive. If you get tired of sewing, American Blinds is a bit cheaper and 2 of 10 times (not good odds, I know) has something. I know this as I gave up when my bobbin kept breaking… 😎

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