Free boxes!

When our offer was accepted and things were progressing I began collecting boxes, mostly free, from Craigslist. It’s kind of an unspoken thing. Pick up free boxes, use them, break them down and list them for free for the next person.

So as I’ve been packing I’ve had to scribble out the previous owners descriptions; their china box became my book box, etc.  Well, a joke began to form (please forgive me because I cannot remember which friend came up with this idea) and we thought I should have a little fun with the next box recipient by making up some fake content descriptions and then scribbling them out. I’m kind of off the hook if you think about it because if they’re already scribbled out it means the contents were not mine – it would be the person before me or before them…


Sex toys, night vision goggles, pistols and duct tape. Ah, ha ha!!

p.s.  I tried every combination of those words in this title but couldn’t bring myself to do it. So “free boxes” it is.

p.s.s. I actually did scribble out a giant box with the description “clowns”. Scary!


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