The outside. We promise.

The outside of our house is frighteningly ugly at the moment. Trust us, we know. It’s embarrassing.

Paint, landscaping, driveway trees, porch light, basement door… they are all on the very-soon-to-do list. We are frantically working on the inside because we are moving at the end of the week so just as soon as we have a handle on that, we’ll get started on the outside. I promise.

But kind of a funny story about that. Years ago I was a designer for California Closets and for the majority we drove up to lovely homes, but every now and then we’d pull up to a dilapidated house in a sketchy neighborhood. That’s exactly what happened to one of my fellow designers. She was on the verge of turning around and no-showing the client, however the homeowner saw her out front and waved her in. I think there might have even been a car parked on the lawn. It was really rough.  She took a deep breath and stepped inside to find an immaculate and beautiful custom home. It turns out, the homeowner could only afford in that area and to deter thieves and unruly neighbors, he kept the outside of his house in shambles, while the inside was pristine.

Pretty funny notion but don’t worry, we won’t do the same.


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