Making progress each day…

Today was a good day!

1) Mike made a lot of progress on his to do list for the bathroom and laundry room.

2) Plus he installed the basement blinds and the motion sensor light near the garage.


3) And thanks to the awesome help of Kate, our tub has been revived! I mean it was a nightmare. It had been sitting in the kitchen with a blanket over it and the dread just loomed over me for weeks. The tub was covered in grime, duct tape residue and my favorite a massive amount of glue from the peeps that wrapped a rubber baseboard all the way around it. I mean really people!! How lame can you be to cover such a beautiful, original, art-deco tub. Well anyway, Kate scrapped and scrubbed for a couple-few hours and then I took over the next day for a couple more hours. Painstaking, back-breaking, fume-filled elbow grease. Done!

4) The floor pros were busy all day today and I’m not allowed in the main living area so I spent the day washing the kitchen cabinets and then slopping on one coat of paint to freshen them up. And when I say “slop” I mean it. Oh it’s shameful. I’m actually a decent painter but I’m asking for some grace on these cabinets. a) They are the original 193o’s which means they have about 213 layers of paint already. b) The 213 paint jobs done before me were horrific, so I just painted over massive paint drips, nicks and rusty hardware. c) These cabinets are only staying up for 6 months before the kitchen is gutted and remodeled so, once again it was just lipstick on the pig. More like hog. d) A little paint, some new knobs and some nice shelf paper… we’re in business!


It’s 7pm on a Saturday night, I’m in my pajamas and I’m chugging a glass of red wine. That’s enough for today.


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