And then we almost got arrested…

So apparently it’s frowned upon to work on a house before the close of escrow.  In our defense, (and I’m going to keep this slightly vague so if you want more details, talk to me in person) they had tens of thousands of dollars of our money, every possible signature signed and our fingerprints notarized.

Our revised Jan 5 close of escrow was announced. We gave our 30 days notice.

Jan 5 came and went.

Our revised Jan 16 close of escrow was announced.

Jan 16 came and went.

Let’s just say that we needed to accomplish some major tasks before we moved in and our time allotment was shrinking dramatically.  So on Jan 23rd we were doing our thing at the house and the selling agent inspector came by. We were reminded that we were not allowed on the property and asked to pack up and leave.  He was nice enough, that is after he stopped talking to me and was won over by Mike. I need to work on some of my people skills.

While the inspector phoned the selling agent, I texted our agent and told her she was minutes away from a very angry phone call, and that I was sorry, and that I could not talk to her because I was on the verge of a heart attack and nervous breakdown all at the same time. She would have to talk to Mike.

So our saint realtor faced the storm head on, sheltering us from every screaming sentence and threatening word. Thank you Terry!  She gave us a firm reminder, to not even LOOK at the house if we drove by because if we did, the selling agent would have us arrested for trespassing.

One week later we closed escrow.

And I’d like to add that no cute little red sold sign went up. The selling agent apparently couldn’t wait to be done with us and the house because the sign was gone the next morning. Oh well.


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