Make it count.

Somehow we’ve become the 1 bathroom couple, likely because of our love for old houses. Sigh. Trust me I’d like more but we always find a way to make it work.

So what we’ve learned early on is to make that bathroom really count; splurging on fixtures and details.  So while we had been waiting for the close of escrow, we’ve been busy planning and making purchases for the house, including our bathroom stuff.

Mike and I work exceptionally well together. We respect each others priorities and generally agree on non priority issues. Thank goodness! We agreed that I could “have” the bathroom with his approval on the side. I can take things a little girly sometimes so we found a middle ground on everything. He “gets” the kitchen and I’m really excited to see what he does with that space! (summer project)


1) The first image is my inspiration photo that I carried around on my phone for over a month. Every time Mike suggested something smaller or different style, I would not budge. This vanity was my priority. I’d once again text him my inspiration photo and say, “This is what I want.”

2) So he found it! This charming old vanity was tucked away in a thrift store in downtown Petaluma. We offered $180 and carried it out to my car 10 minutes later. It needed some love but we could see all the potential.

3) And before the vanity was acquired, I was obsessed with the floor tile. Like really obsessed. Probably more like possessed. Anyway, it’s been my dream for years to have Mexican/Santa Barbara/Moroccan floor tile. Something bold! So the 3rd image is the floor tile we were considering. In all of Mike’s perfectionism, he layed-out the 12×12 mock scale so we could see how the pattern would repeat in our small space. The tile is shipping today!

4) Mike notched the vanity top so it mimicked the base notch and routed a pretty little edge detail all the way around. Those minor details make such a difference! The vanity was then covered in 3 coats of grey paint and another 3 coats of polyurethane and is just about ready – sort of. The bathroom is not ready for it so we have it setup in our current diningroom so we can dream about how nice it will be very soon.

If there is a video or link below this sentence, it’s an ad and not from me.


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