Hardwood Floors

Our house had been slapped down with all new basic flooring, including wall to wall carpet in the main living area and bedroom. The epitome of Lipstick on a Pig (more on that later). We wasted no time to inspect underneath and discover hardwood flooring. We were very excited to find original oak flooring in the living room over the original fir subfloor, but sadly the oak is only in that one room. Plan B and C. The dining room and my office will be fir and the living room will be oak, and all will be stained dark, dark. It will have a little “character” but will still look amazing. And the bedroom has no hope, so we plan to install carpet back in there.

Our Friday night and all day Saturday progress… (1) Carpet torn out. (2) Scraping up 80 years of layers. (3) Sanding. (4) Our inspiration photo of how it will look finished.

floor progress

It was a back-breaking day. I bagged up all of the scraps and hauled many, many 75# pound bags into our garbage pile. Mike would take breaks from the floor scraper and I’d rub his shoulder out. And while he drove across town to rent the sander, I was on my hands and knees pulling 100+ nails with a crowbar, and the ones that broke off, got hammered into the floor and sunk in with a nail set. Tedious. But once the task was done, it’s done for life!

* I endured a lot of hard work, but Mike’s efforts are always double or triple mine. Thank you Mike!


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