Determination + Prayers + Lists

Memories fade. Knowing this all too well, I diligently kept a brief running list of dates and happenings on my iPhone Notes.

But before I get to that list, I’d like to say how strongly I believe in making declarations and backing them up with prayer. Oh yea and lists. Lots of lists.

  • Nov 1 Frustrated and fed-up I made a big declaration one evening to Mike. “We will be living in a home that we own by Christmas!!”  He reminded me that that date was very near. And I rebuttled that I didn’t even want a Christmas tree in this house anymore. We were moving on!
  • Nov 2  Loose papers scribbled with notes and ideas began to litter my desk. We could buy a boat. We could travel for a year. Own land with a barn. Commercially zoned would be amazing. Perhaps rental income.
  • Nov 30  A little flicker of a thought told me to check for any new listings in Sonoma. I found the property online. I called our realtor, Terry and we scheduled a next day appt.
  • Dec 1  This is the part that I really like Mike to tell, but I’ll paraphrase. I excitedly told him about the property the night before. “Rental income, a fixer, 1930’s, commercially zoned!!  It ticks practically every box on one of my lists!” He looked at me with blank eyes. He was trying to form the words of “Hell no!” but after 15 years together he knew it was easier to just go along, look, point out all of its flaws, and convince me it was a bad idea on the drive back home.  We put in our offer at 5pm that day.
  • Dec 2 I knew we weren’t the only offer. The property would go fast. I began praying. In the past we could really warm people up to us by our story and sincerity but this property was owned by a huge financial institution. They would strictly go by numbers. But we still tried. a) Our super fabulous realtor Terry wrote an amazing cover letter, telling them all about us. b) I began to pray one very specific prayer. Please let the person overseeing the offers have heart and please give us a chance even if we aren’t the highest offer. and c)…
  • Dec 4  I had the most overwhelming feeling that our offer would be reviewed very soon. I felt like I needed to do more. So I phoned my friend, one who would be perfect for this slightly odd and very top-secret mission. This friend, we’ll call her Agnes, likes to call herself a spiritual psychic to the stars and I’ve seen her magic in action while watching a football game last year. I’m pretty sure she made the unfavored player trip just by her fingertips pointing at the tv. Anyway,  just before dusk I compiled frantic bits of magic wu-wu ju-ju — whatever you want to call it. I placed coins, snips of hair (I snuck Mike’s from his pillow – some things are better left secret), I folded up a copy of the list I made with all of the attributes I wanted in a home (this small house has almost all of them), misc trinkets, some drops of essential oil and tied it all up in a little box. I zipped over to the house just as the sun set. We stood at the dilapidated back corner of the house, said some words over the box and gave it a good toss through the rotten siding and watched it land on the dirt underneath the house. I claimed it as mine and I’ve done all I can do.
  • Dec 5  Our offer was accepted.

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