Our story continues…

  • June 1997. We went on a double date. We did shots of Goldschlagger and played laser tag and fell in love instantly. Yea it was crazy.
  • October 1999. We got married. Oh yea and a year before that we bought a huge rundown Victorian in Napa and restored it. Slightly out of order but it worked out.
  • September 2000. Someone really, really wanted to buy our Napa house. It wasn’t on the market. We still said yes.
  • October 2000. With the book 100 Best Small Towns in America in hand we took a road trip and stumbled across 15 acres on top of a mountain in Ashland Oregon. We made an offer the next day. We built a house. Like really built it. We loved every bit of it. Well, not the mud and the port-o-potty and the propane heater running out in the middle of the night while it snowed, but for the most part we loved it.
  • February 2003. We sold our little yellow house in the woods and moved to Sonoma. We rented and rented and rented.
  • January 2013. We (as in mostly me Megan) have been waiting 10 long years to call a house our home again. A real home.
  • February 2013. Our story continues…

7 thoughts on “Our story continues…

  1. I have really enjoyed taking this journey with you over the last few months…you guys inspire me. I can’t wait to see your creative visualisation coming to fruition!
    …and let me know if you need help moving 😉

  2. We are looking forward to being a part of your journey Mike and Megan — so exciting and happy for you guys! Love, Tom and Cat 😉

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