A 980 sqft baby

Today is a wonderful day because we closed escrow!!

I feel like I’ve given birth. I imagine it’s similar to a pregnancy; the relief, the joy, the sleepless nights and all of the stress have paid off as we admire our little bundle of joy; yet there’s so much work ahead of us.  And as a pregnant woman waddles out of her doctor’s office, this entire experience has also left us feeling slightly violated and exhausted. Every ounce of our lives has been scrutinized, inspected and prodded.  But I’m certain it was all worth it.  Isn’t it cute!? Well… actually it’s not cute yet. But those who have seen our handy-work in past years are cheering us on. They know what we’re capable of doing.

So give us a little more time.

(These photos are from years past. I’m too chicken to show you current just yet.)


The 1 acre parcel is the old Clemente Inn property that the locals know well. Mike and I would drive past this corner-lot for years, dreaming of restoring this old brick building. If we were lucky enough to hit the red light at the intersection, we’d mentally make changes, pointing out different possibilities and then crane our necks as the light turned green and were forced to continue on. But sadly, the building was demolished a few years ago. The old brick trucked off and a tired and defeated homeowner walked away from the drama.  All that was left was a large, empty space with just the foundation remnants + a little white house that no one ever noticed before, including us.

The property is at 17341 Sonoma Hwy, Sonoma. It’s a charming* 1930’s 1.5 bedroom (the half will be my office) and 1 bath + a sweet little guest cottage in the back with it’s own deck and bathroom, perfect for friends and family.

So we have two projects.  First is the house, getting it inhabitable very soon and then working on sprucing it up, bit by bit. The second is the empty vacant lot. That’s Mike’s baby. When the time comes, that will be our next project.

I have so much to share about this property and experience and miracles and I can’t wait to tell you more! Warning: I’ll be extra chatty for awhile to get you caught up but I’ll soon slow down.

* Charming is code word for old with flaws. This word will be used a lot.


Our story continues…

  • June 1997. We went on a double date. We did shots of Goldschlagger and played laser tag and fell in love instantly. Yea it was crazy.
  • October 1999. We got married. Oh yea and a year before that we bought a huge rundown Victorian in Napa and restored it. Slightly out of order but it worked out.
  • September 2000. Someone really, really wanted to buy our Napa house. It wasn’t on the market. We still said yes.
  • October 2000. With the book 100 Best Small Towns in America in hand we took a road trip and stumbled across 15 acres on top of a mountain in Ashland Oregon. We made an offer the next day. We built a house. Like really built it. We loved every bit of it. Well, not the mud and the port-o-potty and the propane heater running out in the middle of the night while it snowed, but for the most part we loved it.
  • February 2003. We sold our little yellow house in the woods and moved to Sonoma. We rented and rented and rented.
  • January 2013. We (as in mostly me Megan) have been waiting 10 long years to call a house our home again. A real home.
  • February 2013. Our story continues…